HIM Life

Sometimes the best source of inspiration comes from outside the lab

HIM provides an environment where you can test your boldest scientific goals. Our diverse community not only comes together to further scientific development, we also come together to learn, live, and play. Our institute brims with people who live life to the fullest. In addition to our modern laboratories, our campus is equipped with housing, athletic facilities, and dining halls.

Discover the Taste of China

Our in-house chefs provide fresh dishes daily. China has 7 major food types, all with a variety of flavors. If your taste buds desire something sweet, spicy, sour, salty, or all of the above, our campus restaurant will surely have something you will enjoy.


Never a Dull Moment in the City of Hangzhou

Beyond our institute, our community can enjoy and connect with the vibrant city of Hangzhou, one of the most dynamic and fastest growing cities in Asia.