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The Institute of Basic Medicine and Cancer (IBMC) is the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ first institute explicitly devoted to the research and development of medicine. By partnering with the Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, we address real medical problems.

IBMC is home to a highly collaborative group of scientists and medical doctors who work on solving fundamental questions in the fields of omics and oncology for the advancement of diagnostics and therapeutics.

With a focus on clinical needs and problems, IBMC is committed to solving fundamental issues in tumor diagnosis, targeted treatment, novel drug R&D, and smart healthcare, as well as basic and applied research related to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of major diseases. We aim to be a world-class tumor medicine research center integrating advanced disciplines, training programs for talents, and an incubator for industry applications.

IBMC is also the first national life and health research institute introduced in beautiful Zhejiang Province. Through our strategic collaborations, our talented team strives to make fundamental breakthroughs in cancer diagnostics and treatment.


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IBMC is tackling some of the most critical problems for advancing diagnostics and therapeutics. We can’t do it alone. In order to make a transformative impact in the field of healthcare, we depend on lasting collaborations with research institutes, hospitals and industry leaders.

Institutes and universities we have worked with include:

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